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Felipe Pessoa ( Uberl??ndia, Brazil)


My picture is on a volleyball game that I watched about two years ago. The match was between Brazil and the United States, where there was victory of Brazil. The next day I went to the hotel and took pictures with the players. It was really good!


Ana Carolina F. Silva (Uberl??ndia-Brazil)


Hello everybody, this week was pretty cool, Giovana and Jonathan’s mother traveled, so they are getting here at home, on Saturday we had a party to go, 15, was beautiful, Jonathan played in the Saturday fotebol. I love them very much! In the photo is my sister, Amanda, Giovana, I and Jonathan. This week I have exams all days, very annoying! I have to study hard :/

Bruno Graziosi (Uberl??ndia – Brazil)


This is me and my friends doing single track downhill on a mountain, it’s very relaxing and difficult, this day was intesresting because we met some friends.

isabella pereira (Uberl??ndia – Brazil)


yesterday morning, my sister and I had to wake up early to go to school, and when we left home, we saw that the fog was very low and it was very cold, then after the test we went to the club and about nine hours the sun came out, but still a little cold,but was not as cold as it was six o’clock am, the night was windy but it was not as cold as the morning.

3E S.Rocco Cuneo

3P cuneo

Maria Clara Xavier (Uberl??ndia – Brazil)


This photo was taken in 2002, when we had the World Cup. I was only 5 years old, but I remember watching the final game, and I cried when Brazil won. I like watching soccer games (and the players), but I don’t like soccer at all. I used to play soccer with my cousins when I was young, because my dad hates soccer, and he didn’t want to play with me. It was nice, even though I wasn’t a good player.