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Inter A (Uberlandia – Brazil) – Our Goodbye


Bruna (Uberl??ndia-Brasil)



This picture is great. I love japonese food, it’s my favorite. This picture was taken last week. I went to a japonese restaurant with my family and friends. Was a great and delicious time. We have a lot of fun and eat a lot. Bye !

Bruna (Uberl??ndia – Brasil)


Hello everybody!

This picture is very special for me. It’s me and my boyfriend. Last wekeend we went at a wedding party. My cousin was getting married so we went.  The wedding and the party was amazing and everybody have a lot of fun. 

Breno M. (Uberl??ndia;Brazil)


I saw this movie last month.It’s Man in Black 3 (MIB III). It’s very good and tells about the origin of Agent J (Will Smith). He goes back in time to save his partner, Agent K. I highly recommend it to everybody !

Inter B – Uberl??ndia, Brazil

Our goodbye to all of you

Augusto S. [Uberl??ndia, Brasil]

i’m so  happy today because i have just more one week, after that i’ll have vocation, perhaps i’m having alot of tests and it’s not so easy.

Erick Castro(Uberlandia-MG)


Hello everyone

In this photo i was in London,in a football stadium,i went there to do a tour in the stadium,too see the most important things in the stadium(pitch,dressing,etc.)

This day was very good,i would like to visit this stadium again one day.